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Why are we doing this?


  • Patient access to treatment is getting more and more difficult, and 
  • Hospital systems are struggling with growing demand...
  • Figures below show examples of indicative statistics. 
2018 Public Hospital Report Card - An AMA Analysis of Australia's Public hospital system


We feel the pain of healthcare service providers.  

For example... Healthcare service providers in Australia.... — "work around the clock caring for patients and who are being asked to do more with less year after year"... AMA President Dr Michael Gannon - Page 3-AUSTRALIAN MEDICINE - 29.03 MARCH 7 2017.  

We suspect the above situation is not unique to Australia only...  

We also believe that...  

...ease of access to high-quality healthcare services is a must for every individual.

Despite the technological improvements and increased number of trained doctors and nurses…. …. patients are waiting longer to receive right care… or not able to receive the right care at the right time.  

We have researched & developed techniques …. that can help make decisions quicker using data and all available information using predictive techniques that can help with the situation...  

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