Dynamic response Decision Making (DrDM)

Helping to reduce patient wait times and optimising resources usage

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If you're responsible for making decisions related to: 

Delivering right care at the right time & first time 


Optimising staff-workload & equipment usage

 then Dynamic response Decision Support (DrDM) is for you.  

about Dynamic response Decision Support (DrDM):

  • Dynamic response Decision Support (DrDM) is a mathematically based business strategy specifically developed to allow decision makers within a hospital to respond more efficiently & quickly to the needs of their patients.  
  • DrDM is a strategy designed to keep the methodology of managing the wards within a hospital deliver Right Care — First Time to its patients. Attention is directed at using mathematically based tools to simulate and design processes within a hospital ward or similar service providers.  
  • DrDM is a strategic tool for 1) Patient Care of a given population, 2) Optimising Cost of Services & 3) Optimising Staff Work Load.  
  • The strategy uses the collective knowledge of staff managing the patient flow and will be supported by your hospital data.  
  • DrDM Technology Solution consists of a full suite of hands-on training modules and resources to support the improvement within your hospital. Soon we will be releasing more details and if you are interested please join our mailing list.  
  • The solution platform will support the implementation of DrDM based on the research conducted at The University of Queensland.  
  • Registration dates for 2020 will be announced soon. If interested, please register your interest below, and we will add you to our priority list for enrolment and keep you posted regarding the release dates. 
  • Free Foundation Partnership to Suitable Healthcare Service Providers. Currently, we are also seeking partnership arrangement with suitable healthcare organisation to participate in trialling (i.e. beta testing) parts of the solution.


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